“He was always one step ahead”

Working with Dennis as his role as Athletic Director at Seattle Parks & Recreation to establish a multi-use court in our community was a great pleasure. He was always one step ahead of our intentions and what we expected to get out of all our hard work. He helped secure two locations for alternative sports and multi-use spaces for the Seattle community. As one of these growing alternative sports like ours, Seattle Bike Polo Club, we have seen growth and been able to hold national and international events at our established courts. As well as shared programs with other urban sports that use the same courts for all ages sport activities. Dennis has played a big roll in the growth of Seattle’s urban sport activities for all to enjoy in our park system.

— Matt Messenger, Seattle Bike Polo Founder

“His vision and positivity informed all of his work”

Dennis Cook has been an active and important partner to youth track & field for many years. He contributed his expertise, enthusiasm and support as an adviser to USA Track & Field as we developed RunJumpThrow with the Hershey Company. He understood the goals of transitioning from a competitive track meet to a youth activity program and saw the big picture. His vision and positivity informed all of his work with us.

— Jill Geer, USATF Chief Public Affairs Officer

“Dennis’ strength is in finding solutions to complex problems”

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis Cook during his 38-year career with Seattle Parks and Recreation. Dennis’ enduring legacy was his work as the Manager of Athletic Field Scheduling. I can attest to his character, his key role in making our athletic programs successful, and his contributions to the broader community.   
Dennis’ strength is in finding solutions to complex problems. I could count on Dennis to be creative in coming up with unique solutions, to mediate interest-based solutions for factionalized interests, and ultimately to build consensus among splintered groups.  
More importantly, I was able to trust Dennis to create solutions that fostered a respectful climate for honest dialogue. Dennis Cook is known for his integrity. People trust him.  I have found Dennis’s counsel to be invaluable when dealing with complex sports and athletic issues in Seattle. 
The words that come to mind when thinking about Dennis are: leader, dedication to community, innovation, and commitment to ensuring access and equity. 
These attributes have made Dennis successful in working with the changing nature of sports and recreation, and the demands of athletic facility user groups.  Dennis understands new and emerging sports, and has extensive experience in developing policies that meet the needs of today, and the demands of the future.  
During his tenure, Dennis was instrumental in building partnerships that endure continue to endure in his absence. He developed relationships with key partners in the Seattle Public Schools that supported our joint-use agreement negotiations. He established deep ties to local youth and non-profit organizations, adult sports programs, local universities’ athletic departments and professional sports teams.   
I wholeheartedly recommend Dennis to any group, organization, or park and recreation department that wants innovative and creative approaches to meet the diverse sports and athletics needs of your community.

— Christopher Williams, Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation

“leadership, integrity, and character”

“My personal experiences with Dennis have been nothing short of exceptional. His leadership, integrity, and character have been impeccable in the years that I have worked with him. One of Dennis’s greatest assets is the the ability to have a positive attitude during demanding times while consistently offering great solutions as issues are presented. His concern with detail, the ability to grasp new ideas and concepts and to work easily with others has been of great benefit to the parks and recreation department, the school district, and the entire state from a youth sports/athletic standpoint.”

— Eric C. McCurdy, Seattle Public Schools Executive Director of Athletics

“no one better”

“There is no one better in our community, that understands the needs and visions of citizens and their respective parks. Dennis Cook’s initiatives, implementations and supervision are earmarked throughout the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation.”

— Tom Newell, Director, Coaches Who Cares 

“energy and enthusiasm”

“I have known Dennis for eight years, he is the consummate professional. His energy and enthusiasm for helping people is remarkable. Dennis is one of the most connected and respected people in the sports industry in the entire Northwest.”

— William Hogan, Director of Athletics, Seattle University

“experience and focus”

“Dennis Cook lives and breathes community and the relationships and connections that infuse it with health and vitality.  His experience and focus on creating comprehensive access to sports and athletics for everyone makes him uniquely qualified as a strategic consultant able to design, build and maintain programs that work for the long haul.  There is no one more well placed in our community for this kind of long-term work and vision.”

—Lisa Fitzhugh, Founder, Arts Corps and Founding Partner, Creative Ground

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