Policy Development including field scheduling, joint use agreements, athletic field development plans

Provide support to your organization in developing a comprehensive plan that will allow your organization to visualize all your current and future needs while leveraging and maximizing assets from multiple entities in the community.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Help your organization or corporation to identify and leverage individuals and organizations in your community to create collective impact in fulfilling your mission to serve your community.

Dennis Cook and Rainer Valley Food BankFacilitation

Dennis Cook will assist in guiding and managing meetings to ensure that your organizational objectives are met with full participation and full cooperation for all involved.

Training Development – officials, coaches, staff, training procedures, design/build

Dennis Cook will assist your staff and organization to develop a strategic plan/process that will enhance your coaches, officials and staff in developing an exciting and informative training program that improves overall program quality and participant experience.

Developing sustainable partnerships

Dennis Cook will assist with identifying organizations within your community that have the ability to support your organization in offering your community/users the very best programs (for current and future needs). Will help develop clear and practical strategies to identify, nurture and sustain partnerships that enhance and expand programs and services.

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